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    Post by Jamie on Thu Oct 14, 2010 1:41 pm

    Terms Of Service--Read Before Posting!!
    1) Above all, WP seeks to nurture the creative spirit through support and encouragement. We ask that you maintain a respect for creative differences, and for differences in opinion. At no time should any member disparage any other writer, writing website, its management or members. Repeated offenses of flaming will result in a Warning.

    2) We ask that you not post more than 2 pieces per day, TOTAL. This may be increased in the future as staff increases to accomodate need, however as this is a new site with few members and fewer staff, the limit is currently 2 per day.

    3) We ask that you please take the time to read other writers' work, and to comment on 2 pieces in the same board for every new work you post. The more you comment, the more others will be likely to leave feedback on your work. It also helps build a sense of community, which we are nurturing here.

    4) We reserve the right to remove graphic pictures, inappropriate comments, and/or entire threads at our discretion. This applies to any and all material posted on the site. Repeated posting of graphic pictures will result in a warning. (See Warnings explained below). What qualifies as too graphic? If you have to ask, it probably is.

    5) Explicit/Mature subjects must always be properly tagged "Mature". If they are found without a tag advising of content, a staff member will tag it and PM you of the action and the reason why. Repeated posting of Mature material without proper tags will result in a Warning.

    ***3 Warnings will result in a two week account suspension. Further warnings may result in banishment.***

    6) You retain all rights to your work upon posting them in the forums. Please post only your own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in immediate banning of the member guilty of plagiarism. Also, keep your own copies of your work!! This site is hosted on forumotion for free. Disasters could happen and servers occasionally crash. Writers Playground is not responsible for lost work!!

    7) Derogatory comments or harassment directed at any group based on sex, race, creed, religious affiliation, orientation, disability, nationality, (or any I missed) will be deleted and the member marked with a Warning. Don't do it again. I mean it. I'm a nice guy but I take EEO very seriously.

    8 ) Failure to conform to the Terms of Service may result in suspension of an account or banishment as determined by the Administrative staff. As a free service, we also reserve the right to refuse service or terminate an account at any time as we deem necessary.

    These Terms Of Service may be revised at any time as we see fit.

    Now have fun and get posting!! All submitted items are Copyright © to their original author. These Forums are not responsible for your lost or stolen work. You are. Keep copies of your work. Anyone found plagiarizing will be immediately and forever banned with extreme prejudice!!

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