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    Post by Harklight on Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:16 pm

    … For One_More_Day

    Owls shrieked as the night turned dark and flighty.
    Alone, I was enthralled and then ... gawd almighty!
    As my heart almost stopped, atop massive stroke,
    a tiny apparition appeared dressed in white nightie,
    floating down the stairs beneath a waterproof cloak.

    She called, “C’mon, hurry or we’ll miss the show!”
    Where she gained the idea, I certainly don’t know
    except for many nights, drawn from dreaming bed
    when I whispered, “A storm is up, baby. Let’s go”.
    She’d race me downstairs and soon be far ahead.

    All trace of sleep vanished once we reached the car.
    With wide, sweeping panorama nearby, it wasn’t far
    before recently shuttered eyes ignited to every flash.
    Bright lightning thrilled, our pulses tattooed thunder
    while her brilliant smiles added treasure to my cache.

    Reigning our mountain with unbroken scenes afore
    elation cascaded, erasing tempest’s rage felt before.
    Enraptured, we hushed to dazzling sights and noise
    until lively eruptions waned, leaving desire for more.
    As suddenly as its riot began, earth regained poise.

    Effervescent electric-blue eyes softly began to close
    just as they’d fluttered during the harshest of blows.
    Holding luminous memories while she drifted away,
    silently returning to her most precious, serene pose,
    I implored Leukaemia to grant another pain-free day.

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    Post by Peni on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:40 pm

    Oh!! Sweetheart I am just amazed. I sailed along in the emotion of this beautiful writing,
    then caught my breath and had to inhale deeply. I felt as if you had peeked in my diary
    and then rewritten it with an elegance and intimacy that astounds me.
    Very deeply moving my friend.

    huge hug. Peni

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    Post by Myth on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:29 pm

    I love this write. How much more majestic and powerful a simple storm can feel hand in hand with someone you love. The fact that her time with him might at any moment be at an end just adds to the glory of the beautiful moment as it adds one more precious memory........

    Well done

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