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    Post by Jamie on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:08 pm

    To our members, thank you so much for helping us to get established so quickly and making our mark with Writers Playground! Smile We hope you'll continue posting and participating in our discussions and the upcoming Monthly Prompts.

    At WP, we hope to help aspiring writers of all levels to grow in their writing skills, and so we offer two separate areas for posting, one allowing for heavy critiquing/editing, and one for milder comments. We encourage all of our members to offer comments, opinions, suggestions and polite corrections in our Read/Write/Reply section. Please confine any extensive corrections to the Peer Review boards.

    Please remember when posting in the Peer Review boards that we allow for heavy critique in those boards. Do not post there without expectation of critique and frank opinions.

    New FAQ and informational threads will be forthcoming, as will instructions regarding what we hope will be available to all members.

    Please so not hesitate to post suggestions or comments in the Suggestion Box thread, or PM one of the Administrators if you're shy. Wink

    Once again thanks for being here and we hope you find your experience with Writers Playground an enjoyable one.

    WP Admin Team

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